About Our Studio.

Melissa Ramsey and Gina Parisi Williams are the owners of the Bar Method of Bernardsville.  The two met over 13 years ago when they both settled in the suburbs and became friends immediately.  They both loved to work out, and found themselves hooked on a Lotte Burke inspired fitness class at a local studio.  It was there, where they were first introduced to the two women who were opening a Bar Method studio in Summit, NJ.  Melissa and Gina went on to teach at the Summit studio when it opened in 2007.  They were completely hooked on the method, and so was the community!  It was an exercise method that was safe and really worked.

They knew almost immediately that they wanted to take their teaching to the next level and open their own studio to further spread the word of this amazing method!

After teaching and taking tons of Bar Method classes (and while raising five children between them!), Melissa and Gina opened their Bernardsville studio in January 2010. In February 2013, they expanded by adding a second studio and childcare.  The staff of 15 is a unique and special group.  Together they have created a space that exudes a sense of community and warmth.  The transformations they have seen in their clients are inspiring, and the ability to empower others is what makes them love their jobs everyday!